What is it all about

One day i was walking the sreet, when i saw an open truck with a LOT of iphones in it. So i have taken evrything i was able to carry and runed away before someone saw me. At home I have counted them. It was 7 of them! So i will keep one and the rest is aviable for you, if you will faster than the others.

How to get it

Send me a message to x22224@sigaint.org with adress i have to send it to. Then send me 1 BTC to 1Q6bVp8eFzxoB9ryxMAEKrRV1JtCQvURww and wait some days. Shiping is free.

Can you trust me

Let´s be honest, you can´t. But you can´t get iphone 6 plus as cheap as here anywhere so grab your chance.

I still have 5 iphones avaiable